Don’t Worry. Onwards and Upwards.

We’re going to keep this short and sweet. Xavier has lost two games in a row, something they didn’t do all of last season. In fact, you have to go two seasons back, to 2014-2015, to find the last time this has happened.

Xavier played better than Baylor for the first 30 minutes, and then went colder than ice the rest of the way. The Musketeers were also up on Colorado before they took their feet off the gas and let that game slip away. In both games, an enormous run by the opposition combined with a drought by Xavier dug the Muskies into a hole they could not recover from.

There are areas of concern, but look: it’s December. There is plenty of time to correct mistakes. RaShid had a breakout double-double in Boulder, and that’s a positive. It is extremely difficult to win games on the road, as exemplified by Saturday and Wednesday. Even Bill Walton couldn’t take the minds of Xavier fans off the pain Wednesday night.

To this point, Xavier is 7-2, has a tournament championship already, and a strong team. It’s better to pinpoint the areas of concern now, rather than when it’s too late. The peak is most desired in March.

PS, how about you don’t worry about free throws either. Watch the video below…that’s going to work itself out.

Utah preview coming tomorrow everyone. Deep breaths.

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