When in Vegas, Play Basketball

If you have been following @NorwoodHardwood on Twitter, you may be wondering why there was no game recap from Wake Forest and why the account was suddenly tweeting about Rick Harrison’s Pawn Shop yesterday. Well, the only option for Saturday’s men’s game was to listen to the Wake game at 38,000 feet on a spotty wifi connection as we traveled across the country to Las Vegas.

The women’s basketball team is here for three games, which I will be broadcasting online, and this is the perfect opportunity to share some news about the other team occupying the Norwood Hardwood that is having a very productive season thus far.

After finishing 17-13 in 2015-2016, the team has gotten off to a strong start to say the least this year. They have an impressive resume already, after they began 6-0 before suffering their first loss at (here’s that team again) Wake Forest. It was back to Cincinnati for a game against That School in Clifton, and of course the Musketeers beat the Bearcats, because that’s just what Xavier does. Their most impressive win was at the Cintas Center against a Michigan Wolverines team that was receiving votes in the AP poll, and was two spots away from being in the Top 25.

Originally, the plan was to be in Puerto Rico right now, but because of those Zika concerns, the event was moved to Sin City. The men’s tournament did the same thing, except theirs was moved to Orlando at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.

The women are not in a tournament here necessarily; it’s still eight teams but they play three games in a scheduled format. Therefore, Xavier already knows that they will play No. 20 Oklahoma today, Southern Miss tomorrow, and Kennesaw State on Wednesday to wrap things up.

Today’s game starts at 5:15 EST, tomorrow at 3, and Wednesday at 7:45, all at South Point Arena. The broadcasts will be available below.

Oklahoma: http://goxavier.com/watch/?Live=105

Southern Miss: http://goxavier.com/watch/?Live=106

Kennesaw State: http://goxavier.com/watch/?Live=107

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