Xavier/Big East Whiparound

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, a busy couple of weeks has hindered the ability to push out content here on the website. Nevertheless, WE’RE HERE, and there is a LOT of great content we have planned for the new year. We’ll announce all that jazz in a post coming fairly soon, but for now, let’s roll through what’s happened in the last week.

First of all, the X-men survived a scare against a Georgetown team that is continually looking to be as incompetent as ever. There have been some sub-par Hoya teams of late, but this one might take the cake. Xavier went on the road, got one point and no field goals out of their best player (Trevon) and still emerged with the victory. For that reason alone, it has to be considered one of the better victories of the year, even if it was against a lackluster Georgetown squad.

After Butler took down Villanova last night (more on that in a minute), the Musketeers find themselves as the only undefeated team left in the Big East. With a victory against St. John’s at Cintas on Saturday, they will be in first place entering what looks to be the most brutal segment of the remaining schedule: at Villanova, at Butler, home vs. Creighton and Georgetown, and then the Shootout.

Now for the aforementioned upset of the Wildcats by the Bulldogs at Hinkle Fieldhouse. Butler played a great game, and more importantly, played a strong final few minutes. After the final buzzer sounded, the court was stormed, and opinions flew all around the college basketball world. Here’s one by our friends at Banners on the Parkway that is fairly close to the assessment I would make if I had chosen to spill digital ink on the subject.

SOOOOOOO Xavier fans and college basketball fans, it is a big month. Classes resume on Monday, and the wheels of the season will continue to turn.

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