He’s Baaaaack…

Yesterday, Coach Mack was answering questions for about ten minutes in his postgame press conference. He was giving some pretty thorough answers reflecting on the day’s game and where the team stands as a whole. Then, as if embodying a magician, he seemingly waved a proverbial wand that made Xavier Nation forget about what had just happened over the last two and a half hours.

After answering the final question, he reached across the table, grabbed a piece of paper, and delivered a belated Christmas present to Musketeer fans:

Well everyone, there you have it. With second semester classes beginning Monday, Myles is once again a member of the team. You can relax now as that question has been answered. What will now be interesting is to see how playing time develops and if/when he returns to the starting lineup. He has 15 games remaining plus tournaments, so he will have to gear up quickly to make the most of the time he has left.

He’s coming off a season where he averaged nearly 11 points and was generally considered the leader on one of the best teams Xavier has ever seen. Myles will be thrown into the fray of conference play, as the Musketeers begin their crucial five game stretch against high-quality opponents.

Welcome back Myles. It’ll be nice to see some of those deep 3’s again real soon.

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