Back on Track and Time to #BeatUC

You know what feels really great? Winning. When you win, the sky isn’t falling and things seem blissful and pleasant. When you lose, the world is collapsing before your eyes and the program might as well evaporate.

Well, after an insanely difficult 0-3 stretch (what Jon Rothstein might call “the epitome of brutality”), Xavier took care of a Georgetown team that has now lost 16 straight Big East games to teams not named St. John’s and DePaul. These Musketeers are not falling on their swords anytime soon, there are still colossal games on the horizon.

Speaking of which, surprise! In case you live under a rock or are just completely oblivious, the Crosstown Shootout is this Thursday…less than 48 hours away. It’s time to “Escalate the hate.” In other words, you’ll probably have this discussion, almost word for word.

UC fan: “I hate Xavier, they think they’re so much better than us. BUT WHERE ARE THEIR FINAL FOURS/NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS?!?!?!”

XU fan: “We’ve dominated the Bearcats for the last 25+ years, our arena is 10 times better than yours, and you probably weren’t even alive when UC won their national championships!”

Xavier has won three consecutive shootouts, and eight of the last eleven. In fact, as pointed out by Banners on the Parkway, if you are younger than 43 years old, Xavier has had a winning record against UC in your lifetime. Just a little nugget to keep in mind.

Now take a look at the video below. Brad Redford and Cashmere Wright sat down with the sports guys from Channel 19 to talk about their personal experiences from the Shootout. One thing I took out of this: don’t ever let Mick Cronin tell you the Shootout doesn’t matter to him.

The Xavier basketball managers will take on the UC managers tonight in their annual matchup, a game that the boys of Norwood have one the last five times they’ve played. Stay tuned to @XavierManagers on Twitter to watch the game via Periscope.

One last thing, we’re now on Snapchat so go ahead and add us using the code below. Check out some behind-the-scenes footage from tonight’s Skyline Chili Crosstown Shootout party and more.


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