You Wanted a #Roadkill, You Got a #Roadkill

It’s been the same narrative for about the last month with Xavier. “They can’t win on the road and they haven’t beaten a good team yet.” “This team is doomed, they’re without some of their best players.” “Might as well just make the best of this year and get hyped for next year.”

Well, the Musketeers, especially Quentin Goodin and Tyrique Jones, have no intentions of fading away like mist into the atmosphere. Jones and Goodin are taking the bull by the horns, taking the reigns and steering this team in the right direction to ensure people don’t give up. Their performances have spoken for themselves, and today was the best of them all.

Xavier (17-6, 7-3) flew to Omaha looking to beat a ranked team for the first time, and Creighton (20-4, 7-4), was trying to avoid their third loss in five games after losing point guard Mo Watson to an ACL tear. After Edmond Sumner did the same thing last Sunday, this was a matchup that on paper was lacking the stellar point guard play it promised at the beginning of the season. But Goodin had other ideas about that.

Quentin, starting his third game today, is quickly learning how to run the team. The other night against Seton Hall you saw him pull RaShid Gaston out of the scrum at the end of the game. Today, Q went for 15 points and five assists in 38 minutes. His roommate, Tyrique Jones, was an absolute MONSTER. As you can see from the graphic below, he didn’t miss a shot; 16 points and four boards. He had us feeling like this:

This game stayed close, and was tied at 69 with under four minutes to go. Xavier nation knew that it was going to take some guts to get the glory, and a gutty performance it was as the Musketeers, specifically Trevon Bluiett and JP Macura, shot their way into victory lane. Check this out:

It was a gritty, gutsy, wonderful win, even if Xavier tried their mightiest to give it away with bad inbound-passing as the game came to a close.

With the win, the boys of Cincinnati moved into second place in the Big East. This week, they have two big home tilts; one against DePaul on Wednesday and then the massive game against Villanova Saturday afternoon.

Should be an interesting week. Buckle up.

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