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Norwood, Ohio. What a place right? It’s been around for centuries. Wikipedia even says the earliest humans that settled here were from the Pre-Columbian era, way before even our homeboy St. Francis Xavier was doing his thing.

Norwood means one thing to Xavier though: home. There’s one place in particular that feels a little more special five months of the year, and that’s the hardwood within the confines of the Cintas Center.

You can get info about Xavier basketball from all over (the team is pretty good if you haven’t heard), but where can you get that info brought to you by students? Look no further because that appetite you didn’t even know you had has now been filled.

We’re going to bring you LOTS of #content. Some serious stuff, some jokes, some podcasts, and hopefully some knowledge along the way. We love the Musketeers as much as you do, and we’re going to share some of that with you.

Paul Fritschner is a junior. We’re ready to bring all of you, students, alumni, families, and diehard fans alike, our thoughts about what happens on the hardwood in Norwood.

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Buckle up everyone and let’s enjoy the ride.

Credit to GoXavier.com
Credit to GoXavier.com